Saska Bendeicic Tomat ISCA

Saška Benedičić Tomat 
project manager for ISCA - International Sport and Culture Association,
Saška is leading various European projects connected to health, volunteering, integration and good governance in sport. Projects are implemented in Europe or/and in South East Europe. She is living in Slovenia and working in Denmark.
Sport in Transition 
What is the role of sport organizations? What sport organizations can do for development of civilian society?

The world of sport is already acknowledged as being important for individuals' health – and also for the health of society. Involvement in different sports groups promotes grassroots democracy and integration. But now sport is also coming to be seen as a key part of developing the identity of individual and of Associations. The processes of tradition and change open up exciting areas for sport science, research, capacity building of Association and policy in sport. 
Some of the key areas for social and cultural development of characteristics of "Sports in transition", should work with integration and socialisation, professionalisation, commercialisation, technologisation and medicalisation, urbanisation and city-marketing, as well as requirements of the market.
The processes of change connected to the key areas mentioned above, and future challenges and trials clearly show the context in which sports find itself, and what might affect its future development. These questions are extremely urgent and very relevant for us and our critical mass.