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posted Mar 5, 2012, 11:20 PM by Zeljko qSPORT   [ updated Jun 23, 2017, 3:02 AM ]

Maria Ochoa Llido opening address

Post Conference Press Release by qSPORT: 

On Friday, 2nd of March 2012, Split/CROATIA hosted an extraordinary conference under the title Conte[s|x]ting SPORT , which engaged almost a hundred international, regional and local participants. The speakers included government representatives, policy makers, advocates, expert consultants, academic researchers, elite athletes, media and sport professionals, and most importantly, sport organizers and enthusiasts. The conference was opened with addresses by Ms Maria Ochoa-Llidó, representing the Council of Europe, and Mr Krešimir Šamija, a representative of the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports. 

"Croatia, Dalmatia as its Mediterranean region and especially the city of Split have an amazing track record in competitive sports (highest number of Olympians per capita), but are lagging behind when it comes to human rights, participation and visibility of minorities in sport, or in sustainable models of sport organizing " - notes Željko Blaće, researcher and activist of qSPORT and one of the conference organisers.

In a full day program, sport was examined through the lens of Inclusion, Diversity and Sustainability, in contrast to the dominant topics of sport management, efficiency and feasibility - areas that generate results in competition. The format of the day included workshops, panels and keynotes, several working meetings and, of course, provided an opportunity for informal networking among the participants (for some South Eastern Europeans it was the first time to take part in such event). 

The conference covered all levels of sport from grass-roots to competitive sport, through presentations of good practices (diversity policies of Rugby Football League, the Marlin Swimming Club for trans individuals and anti-homophobia work of the Norwegian Olympic Committee) and experiences from sport networks (like Football Against Racism in Europe, the Balkan Alpe Adria project and the European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation), campaigns (like The Justin Campaign), case studies (legal cases against homophobic statements uttered by Croatian sport officials) and programs (like Media Against Racism in Sports).  

Ivan Ergić in auditorium

The morning panel on regional dynamics focused on the process of (economic and political) Transition (in post-1990s war South East Europe), while the evening panel centered around Inclusion-Participation within the pyramid of sport. Both were exceptionally well received and provided material for a rewarding debate. The highlights of the program were opening and closing keynotes, by Ivan Ergić, and John Amaechi, respectively. Ivan is an elite international football player and writer, who provided a critical analysis of hyper-commercialized sport (where athletes' bodies are relegated to means of meeting financial goals), and John is a management consultant, former NBA player and psychologist, who talked about racial, sexual and class discrimination, as well as psychological and emotional aspects of sports for both youth and professionals. 

The conference concluded with the message that much remains to be done within existing sport structures to render them truly Inclusive, Diverse and Sustainable. Sport should be reflected on and regularly contested through critical analysis; not just accepted as a route to competition. It is naive to imagine that sport is autonomous and independent as its context and conditions are determined by sponsored financial and media support, and as diverse trans-local struggles against economic disadvantages and legal constraints arising from race/ethnic, gender or sexual orientation identities have meant reduced access and visibility for some.

Louise conference co-organizers

The conference participants provided feedback and pointed out that in order to achieve systemic change there is a pressing need for action across different fields from early education of kids/youth to training professionals in sport and media, but they also called for educating and sanctioning those who participate in violence and hooliganism in sport. Such work needs greater understanding, solidarity and support among all stakeholders, which can be achieved through empathy and a deeper understanding of the "Other" and each-other. Conferences like this provide a temporary platform for meeting and exchange, but are in need of practical follow-up.
The organizers will produce documentation and supporting material in the form of a reader and an electronic publication, hoping that the content and contacts provided will foster sustainable collaboration in the future.

"It was inspiring to see such diversity of activists, policy makers and sports organizers from Europe's communities discussing cutting edge work in challenging LGBTQ-phobias and creating solutions for LGBTQ inclusion" - explains Louise Englefield, conference co-organizer and former co-president of EGLSF.

The day after the Conference, EGLSF held its general assembly. Some of the positive momentum of the conference values was embraced and used in a community initiative to self-organize a global LGBTQ sport event in 2018 - articulated through the SPLIT DECLARATION.  Local and regional media representatives (Slobodna DalmacijaH-Alter and OneWorldSEE) following the Conference reported on the themes and participants, especially pointing out the fact that the event took place in Split/CROATIA under rigorous police protection.

About conference organizers:
EPAS as a sport body for the Council of Europe has dedicated its work in 2012 to Homophobia in Sport and has partnered with EGLSF to co-organize 3 conferences during this year, starting with the one in Split, followed by Budapest in June and later on in Rotterdam. qSPORT as an EGLSF member has done pioneering work in instigating and networking LGBTQ sport initiatives in the region of South East Europe, while reaching out to a larger network of social/political/sport activists and organizations in order to establish a backbone for positive change in and through sport. Hosting of the Conference by QSS was exceptional in what was a very ambitious project for this recently established Split branch of qSPORT, which expanded its volunteer network beyond sport participants and its previous capacity.  HBS (The Heinrich Böll Stiftung) supported the Conference through its Croatian and Polish offices in an effort to articulate and coordinate exchange of valuable know-how in the field of social activism between Poland and the region of South East Europe. 

Further information on the event can be obtained from:
Zeljko Blace
Louise Englefield


posted Mar 4, 2012, 2:39 AM by Zeljko qSPORT   [ updated Mar 19, 2012, 2:38 PM ]

Endorsed by:
- team berlin, Berlin/GERMANY
- Elaios, Zaragoza/SPAIN
- I.C.O.N.S., Calcio/ITALY
- SC Janus, Cologne/GERMANY
- Russian LGBT Sport Federation, RUSSIA
- Pan Idræt, Copenhagen/DENMARK
- Pride Sports, Manchester/UNITED KINGDOM
- Seitenwechsel, Berlin/GERMANY
- Panteres Grogues, Barcelona/Cataluna/SPAIN
- FRIGO/EuroGames 2012, Budapest/HUNGARY
- European Same-Sex Dance Association, Europe
- Gay and Lesbian Rowing Federation, Int.


We, the independent and individual members of EGLSF, FGG and GLISA feel that, in light of formal obstacles preventing progress towards 1QE in 2018we should claim back our event and start the process independently of FGG and GLISA. The process will be open to all constructive and committed community members who wish to join. 

Our aim is to deliver an event that is inclusive for all of our global community
with its diverse needs, and with sustainability in mind. 

preliminary contact:

abbreviations used:
FGG = Federation of Gay Games
GLISA = Gay & Lesbian International Sports Association
EGLSF = European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation
1QE = One Quadrennial Event - a single global LGBTQ sports event held once every four years, starting in 2018, comprised of Sport, Culture and Human Rights programs.


Mi neovisni i pojedinačni članovi organizacija EGLSF, FGG i GLISA zastupamo mišljenje da  zbog formalnih prepreka koje koče organizaciju 1QE 2018. moramo preuzeti kontrolu i taj događaj organizirati neovisno o FGG i GLISA. Angažman na organizaciji manifestacije otvoren je svim članovima zajednice koji konstruktivno i predanim radom žele doprinesti njezinom održavanju.

Naš cilj je organizirati događaj koji uključuje cijelu našu globalnu zajednicu, ima u vidu raznolikost njezinih potreba i vodi računa o (vlastitoj i ekološkoj) održivosti. 
preliminarni kontakt:

objašnjenje kratica:
FGG = Federation of Gay Games
GLISA = Gay & Lesbian International Sports Association
EGLSF = European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation
1QE = One Quadrennial Event - jedinstvena globalna LGBTQ sportska manifestacija koja će se održavati jednom svake četiri godine, počevši od 2018. i sastojati od sportskih, i kulturnih sadržaja te  programa o ljudskim pravima .


Wir, die unabhängigen und einzelnen Mitglieder der EGLSF, FGG und GLISA, vertreten die Meinung, dass wir uns angesichts der formalen Hindernisse, die zur Zeit der Organisierung des 1QE im Jahr 2018 im Wege stehen, die Spiele "zurückholen" und diese Veranstaltung unabhängig von der FGG und GLISA gestalten sollten. An dieser Arbeit können sich alle konstruktiven und engagierten Community-Mitglieder beteiligen.

Unser Ziel ist, eine zukunftsfähige und nachhaltige Veranstaltung zu organisieren, die die Belange und Vielfalt unserer globalen Community berücksichtigt.

Vorläufiger Kontakt:

Erklärung der Abkürzungen:
FGG = Federation of Gay Games
GLISA = Gay & Lesbian International Sports Association
EGLSF = European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation
1QE = One Quadrennial Event - eine  allumfassende LGBTQ Sportveranstaltung, die ab 2018. alle vier Jahre stattfinden soll und neben sportlichen und kulturellen Inhalten auch ein auf Menschenrechte bezogenes  Programm einbezieht.


En tant que membres indépendants de l’ EGLSF ; de la FGG et de la GLISA et à titre privé, vu les obstacles de nature réglementaire qui rendent impossible l’organisation du 1QE en 2018, nous nous décidons à en revendiquer l’organisation indépendamment de la FGG et de la GLISA. Nous sollicitons l’apport constructif et engagé de tous les membres de notre communauté qui veulent y participer.  

Nous visons à créer un évènement viable et durable, qui prenne en compte tout l’éventail de notre communauté mondiale et soit attentif à la diversité de ses besoins.

contact provisoire:

Explication des sigles:
FGG = Federation of Gay Games
GLISA = Gay & Lesbian International Sports Association
EGLSF = European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation
1QE = One Quadrennial Event - un évènement sportif et culturel pour gais, lesbiennes, bisexuel(le)s, transexuel(le)s et queers à avoir lieu selon un rythme quadriannuel à partir de 2018, et qui comprendrait également un agenda droits de l'homme.


Wij, de onafhankelijk en individuele leden van EGLSF, FGG en GLISA hebben de gevoel dat door de vordering tot de 1QE in 2018 zit met formeel drempels, moeten wij de organisatie van de evenement in ons handen terugnemen en het proces opnieuw beginnenonafhankelijk van het bestuur van FGG en GLISA. Het proces staat openstaan voor alle constructieve en betrokken leden van de gemeenschap die zich willen aansluiten.

Ons doel is een evenement in te leveren dat staat inclusief voor een wereldwijde menigvuldig gemeenschap en een oog op duurzaamheid.

voorafgaand contact: 

afkortingen :
FGG = Federatie van Gay Games

Homo en Lesbische internationale sport vereniging
EGLSF = Europees holebi sport federatie Sport 
1QE = Een Quadrennial 
evenement - een enkele wereldwijde LGBTQsportevenement gehouden eens in de vier jaar, te beginnen in 2018, bestaande uitsport, cultuur en mensenrechten-programma's.


A 2018-ra tervezett 1QE eseményhez vezető folyamatokat gátló hivatalos akadályok fényében mi,  az EGLSF, az FGG és a GLISA független tagjai úgy érezzük, hogy vissza kel követelnünk az eseményünket, és az FGG-től és a GLISA-tól függetlenül újra kell kezdenünk a folyamatot. Ez a folyamat nyitva áll a közösségünk minden olyan konstruktív és elkötelezett tagja előtt, aki szeretne csatlakozni.
Célunk egy olyan esemény megvalósítása, ami a globális és széleskörű igényekkel rendelkező közösségünk minden tagja számára befogadó, szem előtt tartva a fenntarthatóságot.

előzetes érintkezés : 

rövidítések :
FGG = Gay Games Szövetség
GLISA = Meleg és Leszbikus Nemzetközi Sportszövetsége 
EGLSF = Euórpai Meleg és leszbikus Sportszövetség
1QE = 2018-tól négyévente megrendezésre kerülő egységes LMBTQ sportesemény kulturális, emberi jogi és sportporgramokkal.

#1 Najava Konferencije Split-2012 Conte[s|x]ting SPORT

posted Dec 30, 2011, 6:29 AM by Zeljko qSPORT   [ updated Mar 1, 2012, 2:43 PM by Unknown user ]

U petak, 2.3.2012 u prostorima Gradske knjižnice Marko Marulić u Splitu, održat će se nesvakidašnja međunarodna konferencija o sportu, koja umjesto uobičajenih pitanja konkurencije, rezultata i dostignuća u sportu (iz kineziološke, ekonomske ili menadžerske perspektive) stavlja težište na sport kao društvenu vrijednost. Pod engleskim nazivom "Contesting/Contexting SPORT" - konferencija za inkluzivniji, raznovrsniji i održiviji sport, ovaj skup razmišlja o izazovima sporta, stavljajući ga u specifične kontekste (seksualnih, rasnih, etničkih, tjelesnih) manjina ili pak većina (žene, rekreativci, stariji) - ali onih većina koje su isključene iz središta sustava sporta.

Iako se polje institucionalnog sporta nerijetko poziva na svoju autonomiju i neutralnost, teško je zamisliti sport kao potpuno apolitičnu sferu ljudskog djelovanja. Zbog njegove hiperkomercijalizacije i estradizacije o sportu se više ne može govoriti samo kroz prizmu zdravog duha i tijela, već i sa stanovišta socijalnih kategorija - najčešće identiteta ili klasne pripadnosti.  Te teme obrađene su kroz mnogobrojne radionice, radne sastanke i diskusije stručnjaka i uključuju perspektive predstavnika europskih i nacionalnih institucija, mrežnih projekata, aktivističkih kampanja i inicijativa, te zajednica rekreativaca, ali i navijača, znanstvenih istraživača i novinara.  U popratnom programu konferencije održat će se i izložba na temu sporta koja daje uvide u sport i prezentira umjetničke vizije o sportu kao aktivnosti koja postavlja pitanja estetske prirode.

Ključne smjernice za rasprave (keynotes) će, osim naše Ane Sršen, postaviti i jedan od najboljih britanskih košarkaša svih vremena John Amaechi, inače doktor psihologije i borac za prava manjina, te srpski nogometaš i višegodišnji kapetan FC Basel Ivan Ergić, koji se redovito kritički izjašnjava o sportu analizirajući ga znalačkim tumačenjem suvremene filozofske misli.  

Konferenciju su-organizira Vijeće Europe (tj. EPAS tijelo za sport), Europska Gay i Lezbijska Sportska Federacija, qSPORT društvo sportske rekreacije, a sve uz podršku njemačke zelene političke fundacije HBS u Hrvatskoj.

qSPORT Split dobio kandidaturu za godišnju skupštinu EGLSFa

posted Dec 30, 2011, 6:27 AM by Zeljko qSPORT   [ updated Mar 1, 2012, 12:24 PM ]

Predstavnici qSPORTa Split prisustvovali su na godišnjoj skupštini EGLSFa (The European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation) te su podnijeli zahtjev za domaćinstvom godišnje skupštine 2012. godine te je njihova kandidatura zaprimljena i odobrena.

Ogranak qSPORT-a u Splitu dobio je domaćinstvo iduće godišnje skupštine, te će se u Splitu okupiti stotinjak predstavnika LGBT sportskih klubova u ožujku 2012. godine.

Godišnja skupština održana je ove godine u Frankfurtu u suorganizaciji klubova FVV i Artemis iz Frankfurta te se inače na skupštinama izabiru novi članovi odbora, vijeća se o budućnosti EuroGames-a i OutReacha-a te odbor podnosi godišnje izvješće o radu EGLSFa. Na ovogodišnjoj skupštini rješavali su se i organizacijski problemi oko EuroGames-a koji se održavaju ove godine u Rotterdamu.

Inače, qSPORT team aktivni je član EGLSFa posljednjih pet godina te je od početka članstva prisutan na svim godišnjim skupštinama barem jednim delegatom. Na skupštinama se održavaju simpoziji i radionice na temu LGBT sporta te je predstavnik qSPORTa održao predavanje o kulturnih perspektivama LGBTIQ sporta.

Uz već navedena dva turnira, i druge slične organizacije predstavile su svoje velike turnire, poput OutGames u Antwerpenu koje se održavaju pod pokroviteljstvom GLISAe (Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association) ili Gay Games u Clevlandu u organizaciji FGG (Federation of Gay Games).

The European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation osnovana je 1989 s ciljem borbe protiv diskriminacije u sportu na temelju seksualnog opredjeljenja, potpore integracije LGBT populacije u sport, potpore outanju LGBT sportaša, izmjene informacija i koordinacije među europskim sportskim grupama i turnirima te potpore osnivanju novih LGBT i miješanih sportskih grupa.

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