Marko Begović

Marko Begović
Montenegro / Directorate for Youth and Sports, Coordinator of international cooperation

Marko is an former pro tennis player. He was a member of a Davis Cup team and captain of University tennis team. During his carrier he was very active in local communities across Montenegro and actively involved in organization of sport-educational camps, various sporting and touristic events, conducting research regarding Gender and Sports in Montenegro and an author of numerous articles regarding sport for development.
Marko has a Bachelor Degree in Sports Management, Diploma from Sport Academy field: Tennis, and Diploma from Sport Academy: Sports Management and psychology specialization. Worked previously as a consultant for Montenegrin Olympic Committee and Montenegrin Paralympics Committee; he stayed in the field of sport working at the Directorate for Youth and Sports in Montenegro.

Adjustment of Montenegrin Sport System - Challenges in New Era
This paper will address a developmental issue of Montenegrin sport system; current and potential, in particular. Following the independence of Montenegro in 2006, the country recorded some incredible achievements in sports including waterpolo, tennis, handball, basketball, football, athletics and judo. These results are especially significant considering the turbulent past of the country and the country’s relatively small size (620,000population). The athletes have and continue to be the country’s best ambassadors, and our mission is to provide best possible environment for creation sustainable sport system in Montenegro.
Directorate for Youth and Sports is dedicated to develop Montenegrin sport system with special aim on using sports to reach Millennium Developments Goals and involving larger number of general population into sports and physical activity on one side, and work on creating best possible conditions for professional athletes.