In parallel to the conference and next days (parallel to EGLSF AGA), there is an opportunity to have information exchange, coordination and working meetings in one of the side room for focused groups, targeting specific area of work and with more concrete objectives.
Some of the topics are suggested, but offer of taking the opportunity remains open. Please contact organizers of conference and AGA for available time slots and spaces. 

Some of the open meeting suggestions:
#00 ? grassroot sport organizing ? 
#00 ? Future of global and continental Games for LGBTQ community ?
#00 ? social web and media technologies (R&D of web standards and services) ?
#00 ? trans in sport ?


#W : QueerSport-in-SEE (Friday 10:30)

coordination before EuroGames 2011, towards EuroGames 2012
- proposed by, moderated by Željko Blaće (qSPORT - Zagreb)

#X : Homophobia and Professional Sport (Friday 12:00)

- proposed by, moderated by Greg Czarnecki (KPH, Poland)

#Y : Writing on Sport (Friday 16:30) 

- proposed by, moderated by Vedran Horvat (HBS - Croatia)

#Z : A+A+A meet  (Saturday XX:XX)

networking Artistic, Academic and Activist work with LGBTQ sport communities
- proposed by, moderated by Željko Blaće (qSPORT - Zagreb) and Chris Vanja (TheJustinCampaign, UK)