Friday 2nd of March 2012 
(preliminary program - still a subject to minor changes)

09:00 - accreditation 
(coffee/tea served) 
09:30 - OPENING Address (officials and organizers)  
10:30 - PANEL #1: Sport in Transition / Workshop A / Meeting W
11:50 - break (drinks and snacks)
12:00 - Workshop B / Meeting X
13:30 - break (lunch)
15:00 - Workshop: C1 / C2
16:20 - break (drinks and snacks)
16:30 - Workshops: D1 / D2 / Meeting Y
17:50 - break (drinks and snacks)
18:00 - KEYNOTE: John Amaech
18:30 - PANEL #2: The Sport Pyramid
19:30 - CLOSING Comments by Organisers
20:00 - break (move to location of Goli & Bosi)
20:30 - Reception at Hostel Goli & Bosi (drinks served)
21:00 - Screenings (documentaries) 

#1 REGISTRATION for conference is obligatory in order to plan our resources and timing. Note that subscriptions to workshops is a must as room assignment, potential splitting or collapsing of workshop plan will be made based on registrations, also it is a chance to suggest sub-topics and case studies to present within workshop have discussed in interactive part. Accreditaion for conference starts 40 minutes before program
#2 WEBCASTING possibilities are being explored for remote following and contribution
#3 TRANSLATION working languages English (marked Int. focus) and Croatian-Bosnian-Serbian (marked regional. focus), , that will be translated upon request in the workshops that have both marked... Translation might be available for other languages also.
#4 - WORKSHOPS of 90min+ are running 2 in parallel (follow up meetings on next days). All Workshops will include short presentations and moderated interaction. Participants are encouraged to suggest topics and case studies beforehand to be presented during given thematic workshop after coordination with moderators.
#5 - MEETINGS as follow up to workshops and as extra coordinations are to be held on Saturday and Sunday
Zeljko qSPORT,
Feb 29, 2012, 11:19 PM